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Bubble Football à Riga

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Bubble Football à Riga

Ce qui est inclus
  • Guide Pissup
  • Équipement de Sécurité
  • Instructeur Qualifié
  • 1 h. Temps de Jeu
Bubble foot

Roll about while you have a kick about - bubble football in Riga is a must if you want a unique game of footie that will have you and the boys laughing about it for years to come.

After you've been taken at the location by your guide, you'll get suited and booted in some awesome Zorb suits that will make you look like a bunch of beach balls. Then you can divide into teams (max 12 suits are available) the ref will then blow the whistle and you'll see who can score with this hilariously restricted outfit.

Note: The game will last an hour in total.

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